smart common rail solutions

custom hydraulic cylinders

Our custom, strong and reliable FORCE hydraulic cylinders, are revolutionizing the way we go about building more efficient common rail systems. Hydroline cylinder’s unique design includes integrated linear sensors, pressure sensors, control valves, and control electronics. FORCE units receive commands via CAN bus, variables such as force position and speed. FORCE units function independently, simply by giving the order and letting the cylinder do the rest.

+ built-in LEO technology

All FORCE Smart Hydraulic Cylinders can be equipped with built-in LEO’s Predictive Maintenance Technology.


Relevant and precise information about the cylinder at all times


Cost efficient on hoses


Precise and controlled movement determined by a calculated power-speed-location formula

new efficiency standards

Revolutionizing ”Efficiency” within the hydraulic systems


Cylinders are designed and built according to your needs


Autonomous actuator you can rely on

FORCE Product Brochure