smart lifecycle tracker

mount-on-cylinder device with LEO technology

Hydroline’s SCOUT, is the most viable alternative for implementing predictive maintenance on serviced or remanufactured hydraulic cylinders. Once mounted on a cylinder, and at work, our easy to use lifecycle tracker gathers crucial data on cylinders usage and reports real-time condition via Bluetooth® to the LEO mobile app and/or on-board computer.

Predictive information is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Data is always accessible online via LEO’s web portal or directly via LEO’s mobile app.

LEO is Hydroline’s proprietary Predictive Maintenance Technology.


Easy to install, easy to use external data tracker


Calculates lifecycle of the cylinder based on the usage history


Avoids total failures and saves money by keeping the machine at work


Allows boosting operational performance by recording and analyzing the cylinder data while being used

SCOUT Product Brochure