smart suspension systems

Hydropneumatic cylinders

Hydroline’s SHOCK Smart Suspension, is a hydropneumatic system with advanced hydraulic damping control. The machine load is suppor­ted by a set of suspension elements, which serve as shock absorbers to increase efficiency and comfort.

SHOCK Smart Suspension Systems consist of a smart custom cylinder, valves and a pressure accumulator that functions as a spring, offering full control over the suspension system in the machine. In practice, SHOCK offers the option of adjusting height levels and ride comfort.

+ built-in LEO technology

All SHOCK Smart Suspension Cylinders can be equipped with built-in LEO’s Predictive Maintenance Technology.


Helps to reach and stay within the standards set for the system, such as ”vibration directives”


Allows you to raise speed safely and work more efficiently


Designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs


Brings comfort by minimizing fatigue and preventing injuries


Together with LEO technology, it gathers information about machine usage and environment, for example road conditions and usability

Shock Product Brochure