smart COMMON RAIL rotation technology

hydraulic rotation actuator

TORQUE is one of our experimental R&D products, still in the concept phase.

Features of Hydroline’s TORQUE prototype:

- Rotation between 0–90, can be customized up to 1080
- Performance example Ø70 -> 250Nm @ 100 bar
- Utilizes binary hydraulic principle, by having 2^4 = 16 different stages, with 6 each

+ built-in LEO technology

TORQUE Hydraulic Rotation Actuator can be equipped with built-in LEO’s Predictive Maintenance Technology.


Dependable and robust due to its binary hydraulics, simplicity of controls and no position-feedback required


Designed to meet needs such as rotation angle, torque, number of phases, integration control valves and sensors


Extremely accurate stopping points


Simplicity of controls allow fast and easy connection to multiple hydraulic systems

TORQUE Product Brochure