Apoloniusz Tajner helps Hydroline in Poland recruiting campaign

Apoloniusz Tajner joins Hydroline's recruiting campaign in Poland

The President of Polish Ski Federation and the former coach of Polish national ski jumping team, Apoloniusz Tajner joined Hydroline's recruiting campaign this week. After an extremely efficient recruitment campaign we executed last year in Finland, we decided to bring our humoristic way of recruiting to Poland as well. On Tuesday 2nd October we held a filming for new recruitment videos in Poland. Hydro-Pena (Juha Jylhäsalmi) and Pertti (Ilari Johansson) returned for their roles as the recruiting specialists for the videos but this time we also got a magnificent co-star to coach the guys in the videos. Mr. Tajner plays himself in the videos and teaches our Finnish recruiters how are things done in Poland. We were extremely delighted to welcome Mr. Tajner to join us in the recruitment campaign and show him what we have to offer our employees along with our Poland's factory premises.

As Hydroline's other factory is located in Poland, it is extremely important for us to value the cooperation between the Finnish and the Polish. Our cultures have much similarities and we are delighted to show to the Polish people what a Finnish humour looks and sounds like. At least Mr. Tajner seemed happy and amused in the shooting; we are eager to hear what the rest of Poland thinks of us!

Mr. Tajner handed our CEO Mikko Laakkonen an extremely kind gift to put on the wall at the factory. A picture contains for example a picture of Polish Ski Jumping team with their signatures.

Hydroline is grateful for this opportunity to work with Mr. Tajner.

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