Hydoline received a significant funding to support growth investments

Hydoline received a significant funding to support growth investments

Hydroline Oy, the market leader in Finland in the field of hydraulic cylinders manufacturing, is reaching for growth with a funding received from Juuri Partners Oy.The goal is to perform the best high mix/low volume production in the World for the demanding needs of equipment manufacturers.

Hydroline celebrates its 55th anniversary this year and the goals are targeted to international markets with the confidence brought by over half a decade of powerful growth in business activities. For years Hydroline Oy has been a leading operator in Finland in the field of hydraulic cylinders and along with the traditional cylinders the company also offers innovative solutions and is constantly looking for new challenges. The investment from Juuri Partners Oy is a significant part of the complete 20 million euros financing arrangement Hydroline Oy was looking for. This investment enables the company to challenge the global operators and reach for the international growth. After the investment, Hydroline will remain as a family company.

Hydroline Oy is a in third generation family company employing approximately 250 employees. The most recent other big step for Hydroline was the opening of a new factory to Stargard, Poland which employees about 20 people. In 2016 the complete turnover of the company was 36,6 million euros and the turnover is expected to grow approximately 20 per cent in 2017. By 2020 company’s target is to double the turnover and the investment offered by Juuri Partners is offering extremely good opportunities to reach this goal. About 95 per cent of Hydroline’s turnover consists of indirect exports and the market situation is favourable for growth both domestically as well as internationally.

“We need more capacity because the market situation is extremely well. With the investment received from Juuri partners we will invest in our existing factories and we also have the possibilities to take part in the market consolidation. Increasing the capacity, we will also be able to be even bigger employer in the future”, says Mikko Laakkonen, the CEO of Hydroline.

The cooperation is welcomed at Juuri Partners with enthusiasm as well and the company believes that this investment will bring a lot of new opportunities.

“It was extremely important for Hydroline that the majority ownership of the company stays in the family”, tells Anita Ojala from Juuri Partners. “Hydroline is in a very interesting situation right now, they are on the edge of significant growth. Looking at the big picture, we are dealing with a market worth of billions of euros and these kinds of high-end solutions Hydroline is offering have a lot to offer for the industry.”

The president of Hydroline’s board of directors, Jukka Laakkonen, shares the idea of Ojala. “Juuri Partners share the similar philosophy as we do in our business development. We feel that it is also extremely important that Juuri Partners believes in family companies and is used to working with them”, says Laakkonen. “In addition to financing Juuri Partners are also bringing us strategic know-how to internationalization and the administrative work.”

As the company is aiming towards growth, the strength of Hydroline lays in the consistent product and process development which are great causes of pride and distinctiveness. Most the global operators in the market are manufacturing big volume products whereas Hydroline is specialized in on manufacturing demanding solutions for upper segment. The customers, universities and research institutes are enabling the intense cooperation in product development.

For further information: Mikko Laakkonen, CEO, Hydroline Oy, tel. 040 505 1625, mikko.laakkonen@hydroline.fi

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