Hydroline strengthens the board of directors

Hydroline strengthens the board of directors


Kalle Reponen (1965) has been appointed as a new member to the Hydroline Oy board of directors. Hydroline’s general meeting confirmed the matter the 25th August 2017. With the proven track record, Kalle Reponen will bring valuable experience to board work from international trade, business growth and strategy work.

The last 3,5 years Reponen has been working as a professional board member working either as a member or a chairman of boards in several Finnish companies – including family-owned ones. Previously Reponen worked at Metso Corporation as a Member of Executive Team and Senior Vice President, Strategy and M&A.

“I’m glad to support the traditional machine industry company Hydroline with its next steps towards global growth”, says Reponen. According to him, the groundwork for growth is good and with collaboration, results will be achieved. However, the leap in growth requires effort from every employee and the search for new modes of operations. Everyone has their own role in the change and growth.

Hydroline warmly welcomes the new board member to the team!

Jukka Laakkonen, Chairman of the Board | +358 40 709 6117 | jukka.laakkonen@hydroline.fi

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